Services for Learners

All the help you need

You’ll find that Clarendon Sixth Form College has a completely different atmosphere to school. We’ll always treat you like the young adult you are. But we continue to work with parents and carers to support you. We offer a wide range of activities and give you as much help and support as you need to achieve your goals.

General Help & Guidance

Whether they’re big or small, sometimes we all face problems and issues. If that’s the case then our Progress and Welfare Team will help you deal with health, welfare and careers advice.

All students are supported by a progress tutor, who will make sure you are on the right course and then help you settle in. During your time at college they will also review your progress, help you fulfil your potential and assist with choosing your next move as part of your study programme.

The College’s Student Support Officers are available to offer you professional advice.

Additional Learning Support

The College offers a range of support which seeks to meet your needs depending on your learning difference, disability or medical condition. We are committed to removing barriers to learning and ensuring that you are empowered to reach your full potential and gain independence. Support ranges from differentiated teaching and in-class support, to more specialist support.

You may need support if you have identified needs as follows:

  • Specific disabilities/difficulties like: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Asperger’s Syndrome, hearing/visual/physical difficulties, mental health difficulties, ADHD and medical conditions
  • A temporary disability resulting from illness or injury

We also offer general support to students who need help with:

  • Numeracy, literacy or language (applicable if these are not your main learning goal)

All support arrangements are determined by discussion and assessment with you, your teacher, parent/carer and other agencies where appropriate. All discussions about the best type of support for you are “student led” as we consider student voice and your independence in decision making to be key.

Personal & Welfare Support

Student Support officers are here to help you as students overcome any barriers to learning you may have that are getting in the way of you successfully completing your course. Students can sometimes find the transition from school to College difficult and we are here to help with this.

We are also equipped to be able to offer you the right advice and guidance you need on any financial and welfare issues you may have.

Learning Hubs

The College actively encourages our students to learn independently. All the books you need for your course, DVDs and magazines can be borrowed from any of the Hubs


College is about more than just a course, so alongside your studies you can also take part in a wide range of activities which will make your time with us even more enjoyable. The student enrichment programme aims to offer you the chance to take part in activities that you enjoy, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in college life.

Preparing for Life After College

Preparing for life after college will make you more employable. As part of your course we will help you to develop these essential skills to make it easier to move into work or progress to the next level in education. All students will be expected to undertake a significant period of work experience to develop ‘work ready’ skills.

Student Union

Most students become members of the Student Union and enjoy the advantages that this brings. Students on all sites will have the opportunity to elect a representative to Union Committees and take part in activities that they arrange. Contact Student Services for information.