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A Level Chemistry

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Have you ever wondered why snow melts when you step on it? Why diesel is more efficient than unleaded petrol? How a battery generates electricity? Where do fireworks get their colours from? Chemistry provides the answer to these questions and countless others like them. Chemistry is the study of the composition, properties and behaviour of matter. Chemistry allows you to understand the world we live in and how it works. There will never be a time when chemistry doesn’t touch our lives.

A Level chemistry is suitable for those who enjoy utilising mathematical equations and conducting experiments to solve various problems; it will also be a great course for those who have an inquiring mind and seek answers to questions about the world we live in and how it all works.

You will begin by building on your knowledge of chemistry which you have studied at GCSE level with topics such as: atomic structure, bonding; the periodic table; amount of substance and rates of reaction. You will then further broaden your knowledge of chemistry by studying the topics such as analytical techniques, energetics, alcohols, chemical equilibrium and reaction mechanism.

Your unique experience

Working in state of the art science labs, you will experience the magic of chemistry through the application of practical experiments. You will be supported by an outstanding teacher who will ensure you excel in a subject you love.

Entry Qualifications

See Standard Entry Qualifications.

Grade 6 in Maths and BB in Core and Additional or 6 in Single Science Chemistry

What can I do next?

This A Level leads to a range of science based university courses and careers.

A Level Chemistry

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