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A Level History

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History is full of transferable skills and this A Level complements all career options and university courses. In the first year you will study:

The Tudors through the mid-Tudor crisis with particular focus on monarchs such as ‘Bloody Mary’ and Elizabeth I- what were the religious and social issues that caused the deaths of thousands of people? How did Elizabeth manage to defeat the Spanish Armada and what were the implications for her rule?

Germany and its development from 1919-1963- what was the impact of the First World War on Germany and how did this give rise to the Nazis? What other factors resulted in the rise of the Nazis? How was it that Germany became divided and why build a wall?

The second year includes a topic on Russia and a coursework module (where students are invited to create their own question on a period of history they enjoy): what were the tsars really like and why did their dominance finally come to an end? Why was it that Communism took off and were the leaders considered dictators or autocrats; what was the real difference between the two? What was the impact of the Cold War on Russia?

Entry Qualifications

See Standard Entry Qualifications.

Grade 5 in English Language and grades 4-9 in 5 other subjects, preferably with History

What can I do next?

On completion of these qualifications candidates may progress onto a university course.

A Level History

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