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A Level Sociology

Entry Qualifications

See Standard Entry Qualifications.

Learners must have;

Minimum requirements for A-level study

A genuine interest in the subject

Good communication skills


2 Years

Course Content

The course covers the following units:

Education with Theory and Methods

Topics in Sociology: Families and Households/Beliefs in Society

Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

Your Unique Experience

An Individual Learning Plan will be designed for your needs

Group discussions and debates

Assigned a Personal Tutor and a Progress Tutor who specifically look after your pastoral and course requirements

Various extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities such as trips to the law courts and guest speakers

More than just a Course

Sociology is the study of society and the changes that have taken place over time. These changes affect people on a daily basis and in some cases impact the decisions individuals make, for example what is it that drives members of society to commit criminal offences? Students will gain a detailed understanding of contemporary social issues and changing aspects of social life, in particular focusing on sociological theories/research methods in relation to the topic areas of Education, the Family, Beliefs within society and Crime and Deviance. The course will develop a range of valuable skills, such as critical analysis and evaluation, whilst building student’s confidence and communication through discussions and debates. If you’re interested in how different social groups are treated within society and would like to challenge this through learning, then sociology is the course for you.

Course Format

Full time, A-level programme


Higher education

Employment fields relating to the Social Sciences(youth work, police and community work, civil service, social work, teaching etc)

A Level Sociology

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