Clarendon Sixth Form College News

Champion helps students to master fencing

British epee fencing champion, Mary Cohen is teaching the sport to students at Clarendon Sixth Form College and Tameside College as part of their enrichment programme.

The free sessions, which are part of the ‘Go Tameside’ programme, are offered to all students every Wednesday lunch time by Mary who coaches with Marshall Fencing Club at Manchester Fencing Centre.

Students are taught the basics of epee fencing, which uses the heaviest type of sword in the sport including: lunges, stance, body areas to hit, attacking and defensive strategies.

The idea behind the fencing workshops and ‘go Tameside’, is to help improve students health and wellbeing and tackle inactivity in young people.

Mary has won the British epee female championship three times in 2007, 2011 and 2018 and is a Commonwealth double bronze medalist.

Julia Kelly, sport activity project leader at Tameside College and Clarendon Sixth Form College, said: “These sessions are very valuable to the students and the college as a whole. To have someone with a wealth of experience and skill in a sport deliver a workshop to our students is amazing. We hope to expand the programme even more in the future and hopefully bring every student into at least one enrichment activity.”