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Clarendon students win GMCG animation competition

Students from further education colleges across Greater Manchester took part in an animation competition at Event City in Trafford.

The Greater Manchester Colleges Group (GMCG) Skills Competition tested the students’ abilities with a brief to develop a game to educate school children, aged four to ten, on ways to prevent food waste. The judges were impressed with the Clarendon students’ pitch, which offered distinct and innovative solutions using fun animated characters to convey key messages about food waste.

Brandon Sidebottom, a level 3 animation and computer game design student from Clarendon Sixth Form College, said: “We wanted to design a ‘tycoon’ type game where pupils could learn how to prevent food waste from the perspective of running their own restaurant. We presented a concept that enabled players to go through challenges level by level and progress through different ranks of restaurants to where they were running a restaurant with no food waste, similar to a ‘pay as you feel’ café.”

Brandon, who is a former New Charter Academy student, recently found success by launching his own app, Life Simulator, which reached number one on the app store for an entire week. The innovative app had over 750,000 downloads in its first two months of launching and has since had 1.3 million downloads to date.

During the competition, Brandon worked with team mates Hannah Hibbert and Victor Msimanga, who are also first year level 3 animation and computer game design students from Clarendon, to develop their game concept, “Feed Bellies, Not Bins”. After three hours of developing their idea and preparing their pitch for the judges, the animation team were delighted to be announced as the overall winners.

Brandon, said: “It was such a great feeling to win for all of us. We were so excited and couldn’t stop talking about it on the way home. We had a great time developing our concept for the game and really enjoyed taking part in the competition.”

Andy King, animation and game design teacher at Clarendon Sixth Form College, said: “We’re really proud of the animation students for not only coming up with such a fantastic game concept under the short amount of time they were given but for coming out as the overall winners of the competition. This is a great result for the college because it is now the second year in a row we have been winners in the animation category. The students are all extremely talented and represented the Clarendon Sixth Form College perfectly.” 

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