Clarendon Sixth Form College News

Google introduces a new way of learning to students

This week, Clarendon Sixth Form College students were visited by Leanne, who works with Google to provide expeditions using Virtual Reality (VR).

Several classes, including a Chemistry class, experienced their lesson in the virtual reality world. They experienced VR hydrogen bubbles and other chemistry related visuals. Students responded to questions that Google presented on the app in relation to what they could see through the VR goggles.

VR combines the latest technology with educational resources to give students a different experience and see how students respond to the new way of learning.

Leanne also provided drop in sessions for the students during lunch time, where they could see more of what Google Expedition offers on their VR. Some of the things students got to see where the Northern lights and the earth.

Toyibat Hammed, student ambassador and chemistry student, commented: “This is so cool. I love it. I really want to get this VR experience all the time. It is a new, fun and interesting way to learn about chemistry.”