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Students have photos featured by global firm

Photography students from Clarendon Sixth Form College enjoyed a photoshoot at Tameside College’s joinery workshop to take pictures for Hitachi’s new range of power tools including power drills and electric saws for publicity materials.

A representative from Hitachi gave photography students a brief and showed them examples of current promotional materials to give them an idea of what types of photographs they were aiming to get for their campaign.

Students were tasked with capturing a combination of action shots of construction students using the new tools and making sure the main features of each new tool were highlighted in each photo, using different photographic techniques and equipment.

Matthew Lofthouse, who is currently studying level 3 photography at Clarendon, said: “It’s so good seeing your handy work being used by a major company with your name credited. It has been such a top experience for me. The photoshoot was fantastic professional practise for potential work in the future for me. It was my first real attempt of promoting my work as a photographer and I really think I honed my skills in that genre. I can’t wait for university now and then to progress into a career of photojournalism and documentary photography.”

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